Statement of Intentions

As a company committed to providing its customers with superior service, we firmly adhere to the following principles:
High quality – At YAAF we know that when placing an order, the client expects to receive only the highest quality parts. Quality parts will prevent problems in the assembly line at his company, and will allow him in turn to supply high quality products to his own customers.
Delivery times – We provide our customers with their parts on schedule. This enables them to continuously manufacture and assemble their products without costly delays. In addition, when a customer needs a part urgently, we make every effort to manufacture it for him immediately - from “one day to the next”.
Strict Quality Control – Before leaving our plant every order is examined and fully monitored by the dedicated control staff at YAAF. The control is done according to standard specifications or according to special demands of the customer. We are STS certified (direct delivery to company assembly lines) to companies such as Rafael, El-OP, HP and others.
Competitive Pricing – Many years of experience in the metalworking field, along with advanced technological equipment, has brought us to a high level of efficiency, allowing us to provide our clients with parts at competitive prices. In addition we continuously aim to improve on all levels, from technology to logistics and purchasing. These continual improvements are translated directly into attractive prices for our clients. 
Professional Support – Metalworking is our profession and has been for many years. Therefore we can provide technical advice to our clients on everything related to pre-manufacturing design. We can offer assistance on matters relating to the preferable type of raw material, production procedures, optimal type of finish, and all other related technical matters. Sound advice during the planning stage can save you, the customer, unnecessary expenses during manufacturing, and can shorten delivery times.