Logistics and Purchasing

YAAF provides its customers total product handling, from start to finish, according to the customer’s demands, so that the customer can immediately incorporate the item into its production line.
The Logistics Department handles customer orders, beginning with procurement of raw materials, supervision of production flow, and coordination of the finishing of the products as needed.
YAAF uses an ERP system to effectively manage its activities, including the production floor, inventory management, purchasing, accounting, etc. The system allows for most efficient management and optimal coordination among the various departments of the company. Ongoing supervision of the production process allows us to provide the customer with periodic updates on work progress and to expedite delivery when possible.
A variety of auxiliary treatments supervised by us includes: thermal treatments, coatings, painting, welding, grinding, etc. These are carried out entirely by professional authorized subcontractors, and are backed up by relevant quality reports.
At the conclusion of the production and finishing, the parts are packaged and sent directly to our customers in Israel and throughout the world. Each part is accompanied by a measurement control report, quality certificate for raw materials, and a quality certificate for the procedures done by subcontractors.