Prototype and Serial Production

 At YAAF we do serial production of parts in quantities of a few units and up to thousands, in batches. 
Serial Production
The serial production is done in a CNC turning center with automatic feeding and a CNC milling machine in shifts, in order to get the greatest output in the shortest time possible. Each batch is monitored by strict control throughout the entire procedure by the machine operators and our experienced QC staff, so as to achieve the highest accuracy throughout the production.
At the conclusion of manufacture, the parts are transferred to approved subcontractors for completion (coating, painting, etc.), and finally will be supplied to you, the customer, after final inspection and proper packaging with all the relevant documentation (COC/COT of raw material, measurement report, COC/COT of finishes, etc.)
Manufacturing of prototype Parts
Prototype parts are supplied from our plant within a few days of receipt of order, whether milling or turning is involved, in parts of tungsten, stainless steel, and aluminum, as well as parts made from other materials.
The team at YAAF is ready and able to honor any request of our customers to facilitate rapid production – from the moment a new project is received on the production floor several processes take place simultaneously, beginning from the ordering of the raw materials (if not already in house) programming according to model file and drawing for production. Within 24 hours of receipt of the order our machines will be adjusted and the setup readied for start of production and implementation of quality control procedures. If finishing is required, the parts will be taken immediately to the subcontractor for completion of the work.
Upon receipt of the parts from the finishing process, final quality control will be conducted, after which the parts will be sent to the customer, packaged appropriately and with all accompanying documentation.